Summer 2022
John Andrews
Wed 3 Sep 2014 23:43
53:42.2N 057:01.6W
Got in to Cartwright in the early hours of the morning in the dark. Southerly wind got up earlier than expected, so last bit  was extremely slow with wind on the nose gusting 40 knots. Almost stopped at one point! Saw a couple of huge grounded icebergs on the way in which were leaving a trail of bergy bits, so had to tack out to avoid all that. Eventually found a safe place with the fishing boats on the West Quay.
Cartwright is a nice little place, with a store, a pub, wifi, trees and everything. The southerly wind is extremely warm and smells of pine – heavenly. We have de-layered big time. (Clothes that is)
There is a weather opportunity to get to St Anthony, Newfoundland, if we start early tomorrow am. Anything to avoid battling into strong headwinds and anything to avoid arriving in a strong wind in the middle of the night. We’ll get to Lewisporte eventually, no doubt.