We've made it to Lewisporte!

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Sat 6 Sep 2014 15:38
49:14.5N 55:03.4W
Weather pattern to Lewisporte looked slightly risky as a big Southerly was due to come in on Saturday, so we routed ourselves to St Anthony – about 150 miles North of Lewisporte.
We really didn’t want to have to spend time in St Anthony and then psyche ourselves up for another overnight passage. The weather information we have been getting has been extraordinarily accurate, so having checked once again, just off St Anthony, we decided to risk it and go for Lewisporte hoping to make it in time.
Pleased to report that we arrived at 7.30 this a.m. in a light Southerly.The wind has been building up ever since, so we made it just in time.
Now into big clean-up, finding out about how to winterise the boat so she survives –20 degrees C in the winter and finding out how to get back home!