Vestmannaeyaeyjar to Reykjavik

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Fri 20 Jun 2014 10:48

Westmann Islands to Reykjavik

64:09.1N 21:56.0W

3.00 am start and wind light and slightly adverse as predicted. Another long motor sail, as it turned out, only managing to turn the engine off on a final three hour reach across the bay into Reykjavik.

With gentle winds, the sea was kind to us, except when rounding the southern end of the Reykjanes Peninsula, when despite slight winds, we encountered a ferocious current and a very muddled sea. It would be completely impossible in any wind. We did notice a large fishing vessel rounding close inshore, so perhaps there is a smooth inner passage.

We got  another exciting sighting of killer whales. This time there must have been dozens of them, with their distinctive dagger shaped black fins all around us, some only a few hundred yards away. We noticed that there were several fishing boats around as well, so they were obviously sharing the same fishing ground. No showing off this time, just determined feeding – really they looked like so many dolphins only rather more menacing.

There was quite a welcome party on arrival at the Broker Yacht Club at 10.30 p.m. We moored up opposite fellow RCC members  Andrew and Maire Wilkes on Young Larry, who took our lines, and then sauntering down the pontoon came Nick Pochin from Festina Lente, who we had last seen in Oban on our shakedown cruise in May.

We are moored right opposite the dramatic new opera house – the bow sprit in the foreground belongs to Young Larry.


We will be here for a few days. Sun is forecast for Sunday, so we are planning to hire a car to see the sights around Reykjavik and then set sail for Greenland on Monday.