The tropic of cancer and not much else

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Wed 18 May 2011 13:07

25:19.0N 61:41.2W


Day 3

Today we crossed the Tropic of Cancer and cracked a bottle of bubbly to mark the occasion. You might think day 3 is a bit early to be celebrating, but frankly you have to grab whatever opportunity that presents itself. Viz nothing of note happened for the rest of the day. The wind remained at a steady force 4 all day apart from a nasty squall in the early hours of the morning. We made 172 miles in 24 hours which is not bad going. We are beginning to notice a change in the temperature. All of us who did a night watch wore shorts and t-shirts as usual but we all confessed in the morning to having felt a little col

The catering arrangements are going well with three of us having done our day’s galley duty. Did you know that a frozen meal wrapped in 5 sheets of newspaper and stuffed into the middle of a rolled up duvet will keep chilled for 3 days? In addition to the frozen meals that we all brought out, I bought some vacuum packed meat for later on in the journey. I had thought that this would keep ok in the fridge, but the butcher was very unhappy with this and insisted that the meat needed to remain frozen. This meant a severe shortage of freezer space  which was happily resolved by the duvet method of refrigeration.