We're Here!

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Tue 5 Jul 2011 17:46

50:01.13N 004:54.75W


Day 9


We have made it! We arrived in Falmouth early this morning, turning the engine off at 9.30 a.m. The wind was 15 to 20 knots all afternoon and all night, which kept our speed up. Our course meant that we had the wind from behind us for the last four hours or so, which meant that the boat was horribly rocky, and everything in the cupboards started clanking too and fro.

Also the rain came in, blotting out our view of the land – welcome home!

There is lovely weather now, however, and good weather predicted for tomorrow, which is a good thing, as we have to move the boat from here as there they are completely full and have no long term capacity. We have decided to go to Plymouth tomorrow, where we will be leaving the boat for two months until we come back in September to take her up to Southampton to have her mid-life re-fit.

The three years in the Caribbean have taken their toll, and there are a myriad little things that now need to be done, and some quite big things, so we have brought her home at the right time.