Leaving Halifax

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Wed 18 May 2016 19:13
44:28.7N 63:36.0W

We slipped our lines at Dartmouth Yacht Club yesterday morning having waited out a bit of a blow.
We are making our way down to Mahon Bay and then on to Shelburn from where we will take off for Maine. We have no tight deadlines so will be day sailing, exploring some of the lovely sounding anchorages described in the pilot book.
Our first stop is Sambro, an unprepossessing but busy little fishing port with a small boat club,but there our first bit of serendipity in the shape of Roy Harper. In return for a tour of our Oyster about which he was very excited having only seen one in a magazine he procured two fresh lobsters for us from the harbour master who's boat he spotted coming into port. Roy's job was to investigate fatalities on the fishing boats along this coast so we guess he was well placed to negotiate some free lobster. He was full of information about the state of the fishing industry - very buoyant, big bucks being made - but warned us that it was full on lobster season for the next two weeks and we would find lobster pots littered everywhere, hence none of the leisure craft being launched yet. He gave us some useful information about the best anchorages along the coast. We will report what we find!