Foggy days!

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Sun 5 Jun 2016 16:05
43:39.2N 070:15.0W


We felt our way carefully into Portland Harbour through the fog yesterday afternoon, hearing the gloomy sound of fog horns from lighthouses and ships in the harbour, warning us of perils on all sides. We had motored all the way from Five Islands, negotiating the lobster pots with some difficulty in the poor visibility when out of the mist, just in front of us, a vision appeared - a schooner in full sail moving gracefully across our bow. I think we are being altogether too faint-hearted! 

Portland is full on urban America - no bucolic charm here. Our senses are jangling. The marina is well appointed and at the heart of the action, but eye wateringly expensive, so provisioning and laundry done, and the delights of Portland checked out, we plan to retreat to an anchorage tomorrow, if we can find it in the fog, before heading off south to Portsmouth.

Well, it’s tomorrow now and the situation is not much better!

Maybe we’ll stay put expense or no.