Summer 2022
John Andrews
Thu 26 May 2011 16:59

38:29.2N 47:49.5W


Day 13


First things first, the temporary baby stay has lasted well through the night. The wind rather unobligingly decided to blow at over 20 knots through most of the night, so we were well reefed down and sailing rather below our desired course in order to ease the loads on the mast. We have now powered up again and are just about keeping to our track for the time being.


Regarding navigation decisions, the thing we are struggling with is an area of high pressure developing to the northeast of us. Currently we have winds from the South East, but they are due to turn to the East as we start making our approach to the Azores from the West. There are North East winds predicted in a few days time, but to get them, we will have to sail further North. The thing that is deterring us, is that on the chart, there is a pink line marked at latitude 40 which says “Ice June/July”. It seems unbelievable that there could be the danger of ice so close, when we are sailing along at latiude 39°

 in bright sunshine and a below decks temperature of 25°, but we certainly don’t want to start having to look out for icebergs or “growlers”. So what we will very likely do is sail on our present tack until either the North East wind kicks in or we reach latitude 40° and then tack.


Morale on board remains high, and food is lasting well. The vegetables that we have been keeping in the fridge in keep fresh bags are lasting amazingly and are almost as fresh as when I bought them two weeks ago.