Homeward Bound

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Wed 26 Jul 2017 18:04

40:44.8N 24:34.7W


We have just completed the first two hundred miles of our passage. We are threading our way through a complicated weather pattern, trying to work out the best way to reach the winds that will blow us home. We spent the first 12 hours motoring North in the flat calm of the Azores high. Sooner than expected we picked up a favourable wind and turned towards home, but we have a further band of flat calm to the North of us to negotiate before hopefully being able to sail the rest of the way.

Our destination was Plymouth but it appears there is no bookable marina space there because of the Fastnet Race or in Falmouth because of Falmouth Week, or anywhere in the West Country, so we made a last minute decision to head for Lymington instead. Although this is a little further than Plymouth, it suits everyone on board and makes for easier onward travel.