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Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Wed 13 Apr 2011 01:23
Admiral's Inn, Nelson's Dockyard, Tuesday night

Andrea and I had a great night out with John and Jane last night, talking about boats and sailing. The time went past quickly so we didn't get back to the hotel until after 11pm which is very late indeed by our standards. Andrea had also drank rather a lot so she was feeling a bit soft around the edges. As a result, we didn't get a great night's sleep and, as we didn't really have to get up early, we had a bit of a sleep in.

We met Alden for breakfast and decided that, although he was intending to work for us until the end of today, there wasn't really anything left for him to do so he could have a paid holiday. We spent a while transferring his money, sorting out his flight back to St Martin and saying "goodbye" so it was almost lunchtime by the time we were ready to leave the Admiral's Inn. Alden is planning on crossing the Atlantic to France on a yacht, leaving St Martin at the end of April so he's got a lot to get ready in the meantime. He's staying with a friend of his in Antigua for a week or so before he flies out to join the new boat.

Andrea and I got Oliver to take us round to the Cat Club marina. I wanted to have some time with George at Antigua Rigging to sort out what they're going to do on Saxon Blue over the summer. We did go over some stuff onboard but it's difficult as his mobile phone is going the whole time and he is always pushed for time, especially today so the whole thing was more stressful than I'd hoped. I'm going to email them a list of works so that should help get things sorted.

We went to a small cafe at the top of the road for lunch which was OK, then got Moody to pick us up for the trip back to Nelson's. We ended up sharing the taxi with a completely manic woman from one of the mega-yachts who was talking at us as if we knew everything that she was referring to. I reckon she was on speed or something. By the time Moody dropped us back, I was really frazzled and remembered some things I'd meant to do on Saxon Blue but had forgotten so that didn't help. To calm down a bit, we watched some episodes of Battlestar. It's been raining nearly all day so we weren't missing anything much outside.

We went for a walk out to the fort at the entrance to English Harbour before dinner and continued chatting about our trip, where we've been and what it all means. So far, we've decided that comfort is more important than luxury but I'm hoping it means a bit more than that. We'll see. We had dinner at Hamiltons which was excellent, particularly the plate of lovely vegetables, before walking back along the dock. It's very odd not to have Saxon Blue sitting there and it's sad to see all the boats bobbing around in the water while ours is languishing in a dusty yard. Hey, ho. We don't have much choice at the moment but I'm dreading all the issues that will come up over the summer.


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