Leaving Canada

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sat 18 Sep 2010 18:09
43:13.432N 66:00.686W Saturday afternoon

We can just about see the southern tip of Nova Scotia behind us to starboard as we set a course for Plymouth in the USA. It's sad to be leaving Canada - we've spent a long time there and had some amazing experiences - but going to the USA is exciting, too.

Andrea and I got up at 0400 for our watch this morning. We were still anchored alongside the Spectacle Islands and it was completely pitch black with no moon but the most amazing stars and planets overhead. It took me a while to get orientated as there were intensely bright lights around us in places where I didn't think there was any land. We soon realised that the local fishing fleet was on the move, coming back into port. As they passed us, they all turned their searchlights onto us which didn't make things easy.

We got the anchor up and got underway but it was difficult to decide on which route to take through the shoal water as the fishing boats were all taking almost reciprocal courses but, as they're a bit shallower than us, they were cutting corners that I couldn't. We stopped to let one bunch past, then got going again before diverting slightly to let another group through. It was a relief to get into the deeper water and have a clear run.

As we got out to sea, we could see a line of light shimmering on the water surface, like you get when the moon is up but it was the light from Jupiter istead. I've never seen that before and it was amazing. As the sun came closer to rising, the Eastern sky got progressively more orange and the stars disappeared until I saw the first intense burst as the sun disc rose. By that time, only Jupiter was still showing, away to the West. The sun rose so fast and soon we were in brilliant light.

Since then, we've passed a few pods of small dolphins and a couple of fishing boats but it's very quiet. A cruise ship and a strange object being towed were away out to sea from us and the lighthouses and seaside towns of Nova Scotia passed on the other side. We've been planning our trip down the US coast and just sitting in the sun in the cockpit. There's not a cloud in the sky and it's lovely to be able to sit around without all the clobber we've got used to wearing.


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