Getting ready for the storm

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sat 4 Sep 2010 11:25
49:07.561N 58:04.636W Saturday morning

We're in Cox's Cove now, alongside the dock. Kali and Magnus are about to take Saxon Blue into Goose Arm, a sheltered part of the fjord to sit out the remains of the hurricane. We're expecting winds of around 50 knots so a proper gale but nothing to be too worried about. Andrea and I are going to Corner Brook for a couple of days to stay in a hotel and have a Newfoundland mini-break. I feel very strange to be getting off the boat. The guys are more than capable of keeping her safe but it feels disloyal to Saxon Blue. Andrea says I can't be disloyal to a fibreglass object but a boat is more than that. Still, there's no point just bobbing around for 3 days when we can go and explore so there it is.


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