Almost at Sisimuit

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:28
66:38.506N 054:13.613W Sunday afternoon

Yes, it's still foggy! Actually, it was clear for Andrea and I to do our watch this morning from 0400 until 0800 but, no sooner had I handed over to Richard, he'd got us straight back into the fog again. Maybe he has something to hide?

While it was clear we saw... nothing. Without the fog, though, we could see more of the nothing than we can if there is fog. So that's nice.

If it was clear at the moment, we'd be able to see the land 10 miles away and we should be in Sisimuit in the next couple of hours so, hopefully, I'll be able to write a more interesting article from there. As it is, we've had a lovely lunch of hearty soup and bread and that's about it. Watches rolling around. Jamie is so confused about day and night that he slept straight through dinner last night, even though I tried to wake him up. We did save him some but Jamie missing dinner is a first.

We're hoping to get our weather and ice fax schedules sorted out so we can get information from the Canadian weather service in Iqaluit. Richard has got an ice chart via the Iridium and it shows a lot of fast ice along the Baffin Island coast where we want to go in a couple of weeks so we need to keep an eye on that and see if it clears away from the coast. There is often an island of packice left in the middle of Baffin Bay (the Middle Pack) so we'd need to know where that is so we can avoid it as we cross over.


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