Arrived in Plymouth USA

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Mon 20 Sep 2010 02:15
41:57.774N 70:39.922W Sunday night

Well, that's all done and we're cleared into the USA. We sailed most of the afternoon past Cape Cod and through a sea of whales. We saw Minkes, Humpbacks and the new ones that we're not sure what they are. By the time we got to the approaches to Plymouth harbour, it was dark so the entrance was tricky. It's a bit like coming into Bembridge with a narrow, zig-zag channel marked by mostly unlit buoys. Then, to confuse matters more, the lit buoys have very similar sequence and two of them, visible at the same time, have the identical sequence. How stupid is that?

Anyway, Rob the helpful harbourmaster came out and guided us in the last bit and then onto a massive mooring buoy. The even more helpful woman from the Immigration department came soon after and got a lift out to us with Rob. It was all pretty straightforward to get cleared in and she was impressed that we all had visas so she could just fill out a few forms and we're clear to go. We're going to spend the night here now and get our fuel in the morning before heading off for Nantucket.

It's a shame we won't get to spend more time here - there is a replica of the Mayflower that looks interesting - but we don't have time to stop everywhere and we want to see where Ishmael and Queequeg did their thing.


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