Steaming South

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Fri 20 Aug 2010 17:45
69:37.539N 66:27.152W Friday afternoon

We're on our way South now, steaming along through scattered pack-ice about 12 miles offshore.

Kali and Magnus got us underway at 0300 this morning. Andrea and I took over at 0800 through to 1200 although we've been helping Magnus with his watch since then as it's foggy and there's a lot of ice around. We've seen loads of tiny Guillemots around the ice. They stand on the floes looking like miniature penguins and they do everything they can to avoid having to fly. There are a few seals around and one group followed us for a while, porpoising through the water and holding their heads up high to get a better look at us.

Andrea and I both preferred doing the watch starting at 0800 so perhaps we'll claim that one going forward. We've been talking about what we'll both do when we get back to the UK at the end of our voyage but neither of us are very sure yet. I think we might need to just stop still for a while to get our heads around that.


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