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Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Mon 21 Feb 2011 14:22
Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua, Monday morning

I didn't get around to writing my blog last night as we were late back from dinner and the girls wanted to watch Battlestar and then I was too tired. Of course, I didn't really want to watch it. I just do it to join in with them. I'm not really into Science Fiction and, when I'm discussing Cylon psychology and religion with them, it's just so I can join in. Honest.

Andrea and I did get up early, as planned, to do some Janeway filming. The only trouble was that it wasn't as cool as we hoped it would be. The sun was blazing away and we were getting well and truly grilled. We walked out to the fort at the entrance to English Harbour and then up the hill to the West. We were surrounded by cacti and military ruins so it had all the makings of a good set but it took us a long time to find a really good shot. Andrea had to put her costume on which includes a thermal top and an insulated jacket so she was absolutely wilting by the time we did a couple of takes.

We staggered back down to the Dockyard and had a monster breakfast to make up for it. Andrea then carried on with her computer work onboard Saxon Blue with the generator and the air-conditioning on full blast and just about keeping it cool. I'm glad we got the air-con fixed as it's been a godsend for Andrea in doing her work. It would be unbearable onboard during the day without it.

I did some little jobs on deck. I fixed the block which holds the tender in the correct position on the davits and removed the grip tape from the coachroof. The tape had started to move around when we got to the Caribbean - the glue just melts in the sun leaving a right mess. I filled the water tanks and retrieved our port side line which had been tied to one of the marina buoys and had mysteriously become detached. It had been hanging in the gloop at the bottom of the harbour so was in a right state. I wasn't very happy about finding that somebody had fiddled with it. As it happens, we don't need it but whoever took it off didn't know that.

By the time I'd finished that little lot, it was crazy hot so I went below to do the remainder of my PADI diving homework ready for my test this afternoon. I watched the DVDs and then read the book so I should have taken in enough of it. Andrea and I then went out to find something to eat for dinner. As it was Sunday night, many of the restaurants were closed and, as the Caribbean 600 race starts today, there were hoards of race types roaming around looking hungry. Result - all the eateries full. In the end, we walked all the way to Falmouth and then all the way back before sitting down in the hotel in the Dockyard. Our meal was great so it was worth the bother. We had a large Red Snapper between us and it was delicious. The best fish we've eaten since we got to the Caribbean, I reckon.

Andrea looked at me like I'd committed a criminal act when I ordered a Panna Cotta as desert and then demanded to share it! What injustice. I only ordered it as the fruit topping would top up my 5-a-day.

We were surprised to find Kali onboard Saxon Blue when we got back and I think she was surprised that we were still out when she arrived. She'd spent most of the day working in the Greek restaurant where we'd eaten the night before and then found that she didn't have enough money to pay the bill. She's just gone off now to give them the balance. We're getting ready to go out to the fort and watch the start of the big race. It's very difficult to work out where it's actually starting from and which direction they're going in so we may be disappointed but Andrea loves an event so we'll do our best to take part. Then I'm off to my exam.


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