Heading South down Cumberland Sound

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sat 28 Aug 2010 00:27
65:30.752N 65:48.622W Friday evening

We're on our way South now, motoring down Cumberland Sound into the swell left over from the gale yesterday. The fog is coming and going but we can't see any land - even though it's on both sides of us. Andrea and I have just finished our first watch so we're off to bed ready to go again at 0400 tomorrow.

We were both very sad to leave Pangnirtung. It was a truly friendly little place and we had some great interactions with people there. It's given us a much better idea of life in the Canadian Arctic. We're glad we took the time to make our way up the Sound to it as it would have been easy to have sailed right by and we'd have missed a lot if we had.

On our way into Cumberland Sound from Pangnirtung, we came across hundreds of crazy seals. They must have been chasing shoals of fish as they were churning the water into foam and leaping out of it. The seagulls were diving in amongst them so it was mayhem for a while. At one point, we had a foaming mass of seals to port and starboard and another bunch ahead as well.

As we passed Kekerten island, we had a great VHF chat with the guys from L'Anse Amour Venture. Magnus appologised for dragging their anchor and we joked about the bread Kali had baked for them. We wished each other fair winds and then we carried on down towards their home. It's good to think they'll be following on in a couple of weeks.

So, that's it for today. I'm off to bed.


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