Anchored in Loch na Droma Buidhe

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Thu 13 May 2010 19:57
56:39.252N 005:56.457W

Now that was a lovely day! I really feel like we've started to settle in and just go along with what's happening around us.

The wind got up during the night - as forecast - and it was raining hard this morning. We thought it would clear up later in the day so couldn't see any reason to get wet through. Andrea had some quality time with her art and I went through some more stuff on the SSB radio and did some boat jobs that had been bugging me. Kali prepared dinner. I did a load of washing. Very domestic.

After a delicious lunch of soup and bread (all home-made) the weather cleared up and we let go of our mooring and went alongside the new Tobermory Harbour pontoons to refill with water. While we were there a very dashing chap inquired about the boat and where we were going. Turns out that he's been to the Faroes and Iceland loads on his boat. She is a lovely, seaworthy Norwegian ex-rescue boat. A bit like a cross between a trawler and a lifeboat with a full load of radars and comms gear on the top. We were all a bit jealous but I think he was just as jealous of Saxon Blue so it was suitably satisfying for all of us. Andrea and Kali have spent the rest of the day speculating about his marital status.

We left Tobermory in about 10 knots of wind and, amazingly, it was behind us! We hoisted the genoa and had a great sail NW and then gybed round to head into Loch Sunart. We're now in a tiny loch behind an island. We're anchored about 150 meters from a rocky shore that's covered in lovely birch trees. It wasn't long before we saw a grey seal fishing and then Kali produced her wonderful dinner - a layered affair or potatoes, smoked salmon, sliced celeriac and cream. Sensational.

Andrea has been trying to catch a fish which is good because she was out on the stern to see an otter come cruising past. We had a great view of him catching a series of fish. It's now nearly 10pm and getting twilight. There is hardly a sound as the wind has dropped and the sea is flat calm. I can hear the sound of the cormorants surfacing.

Looking forward to collapsing into bed and having another great day tomorrow.


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