Hanging around in Nuntucket

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Thu 23 Sep 2010 01:08
The wind was against us today so we decided to stay in Nantucket and have a relaxing day. I don't think any of us had quite as much relaxation as we'd like, in the end. It's pretty full-on here and the wind was blowing hard all day which is unsettling. We're all very tired, as well, so it's hard to just switch off.

Andrea and I went out for a good breakfast, though. I had Thai Green Curry Omelette which has got to be good in anyone's book. From there, we booked our return flights back to the UK so we're all set for a few weeks away from the boat in October. Flight booking is always stressful, though, and we set straight off to go for a walk to the lighthouse on the north-eastern point of the island. What we didn't realise is that it's about 5 miles from where the taxi dropped us off along a windswept sandy track. We soon decided better of that and managed to cadge a lift back to town in a hotel shuttle bus.

Andrea went for a walk to a nearby beach in search of a swim but didn't manage to find anywhere calm to go. I collapsed onboard with a book for a couple of hours and then it was time to go out for dinner. We found a lovely little Bistro and had an excellent meal which brings us up to date. In amongst all that, we did a lot of little jobs and sorted out plans and navigational issues for the next stage of our journey.

We're off early tomorrow so hopefully it'll be a gentle day as I think we've all had as much excitement as we can deal with for a little while.


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