Sunday on Saxon Blue

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Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sat 18 Sep 2010 00:00
Friday night.

OK, I know it's not really Sunday but, nevertheless, it was officially Sunday onboard today. The wind picked up around 0700, a bit earlier than we expected, accompanied by torrential rain and lightning. We stayed in bed for a bit, then got up and did some reading. Kali and Sam got up a while later and we decided to move the boat to a more sheltered spot now that the wind had shifted.

Kali and I got suited and booted, raised the anchor, motored about half a mile and then re-anchored. By the time we'd done that, we were dripping wet. Kali went back to bed and I finished reading one Paul Watson book before starting another one. Then it was lunchtime and then more reading. The rain and wind stopped at about 4pm so we all jumped up for some activity. Andrea wanted to film the weird nests on Massacre Island so Sam dropped us off there. The landing was difficult and I got a wet boot on one spot before we switched to another one where Andrea struggled ashore.

We did some Janeway shots among the dead trees while the weather deteriorated again, the wind picking up and the rain increasing. By the time we were ready to leave, the landing spot looked even worse and it took some excellent driving from Sam to get into it atall. Andrea did a headlong dive into the tender, having left me with her camera. I then had to jump in fast before Sam got stuck in amongst the rocks. The trip back to Saxon Blue was wet as we were heading into the freshening wind that was kicking up quite a chop and we were glad to be back onboard.

As the wind had veered again, Sam and I re-anchored virtually back where we had started the day and then we had a lovely dinner of Thai fish curry. We're now almost ready for bed again as Andrea and I are up at 0400 for our watch tomorrow morning. We're heading out of Port Mouton and we're not intending to stop until we get to Plymouth in the good old US of A. We're hoping to arrive there in the daylight the night after tomorrow so let's hope we get some good weather to do that. The forecast looks good with either following wind or very light conditions so we should be able to make good time.

It's been a long time since we changed country so we're all looking forward to another milestone.


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