South East of Bermuda

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Thu 30 Dec 2010 22:25
31:43.520N 63:55.626W Thursday Evening

We're sailing along with the jib poled out to port and the genoa loose-footed to starboard. We tried to set up the Twistle Rig earlier but it was really awkward and we ended up damaging the universal joint bit of it so I think we'll consign that the Davy Jones's Locker.

We left the dock just after 9am, having said goodbye to the Customs guys, Gary and the Mayor. We spent a while in St George Harbour practicing heaving to which we very successful with a backed jib and main sheeted in hard. After drifting sideways slowly across the harbour, we saw our friends on Allerre leave their berth and motor out to join us. Kali made to call Bermuda Radio for permission to leave through the Town Cut when we heard them give Allerre permission and then ask them if they knew the name of the yacht with furled sails sitting in the middle of the harbour. I think the Radio guys had been watching us for a while and wondering what on earth we were doing out there.

We sailed out of the Cut with the Swan just behind us, went out as far as the safe water mark and then turned South. We passed along the East side of Bermuda, watching it and the other yacht get gradually smaller. We're making some way to the East while we have a wind with west in it. We're expecting to get Easterly winds later so we'll be able to come back West again when we like. That's the theory, anyway.

I've been on watch all day and Kali is about to take over now (17:30) so I'm going to go off and get my head down before it's properly dark. I've felt OK today so the being on watch in the light idea seems to be working.


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