Harvey has a Holiday

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Thu 22 Jul 2010 23:51
71:38.897N 55:37.393W Thursday night

I was so tired yesterday that everyone decided that I should have a holiday today - which I mostly did. We had 100 miles or so to go to the next anchorage up the coast so Saxon Blue didn't get the day off. Kali and Richard got up for a 0400 start while Andrea and I stayed in bed (it seemed to be Andrea's holiday, too). We were woken by the engine starting and Andrea said to me "We should have stayed here, it's so peaceful and we'll never get to back to sleep". The next thing we knew, it was 0830. I had a cup of tea in bed then got up for bacon and eggs on lovely black bread toast. I got some washing underway and fiddled around with getting the laptop to talk to the Iridium phone again - a damaged cable, as usual - then Andrea cooked lunch.

I started a new book after that, then wandered up to the cockpit a few times. There wasn't much going on as it was foggy all day with the occasional iceberg looming up. I did the last hour's watch with Richard then brought Saxon Blue into the anchorage. It's a very odd place here, especially compared to all the other Greenland anchorages. We're in a broad bay, open to the West. Around us are modest hills but we're a good half mile from the shore and yet it's only about 8 meters deep. Normally, this far from the shore, we'd be in about 500 meters of water.

Andrea cooked dinner tonight of baked spuds with tuna mayonnaise and some chilli. It was excellent. So I got a day off from just about everything, Kali got a day off from cooking and Andrea got a day off from Art. Richard worked very hard as usual. It was strange, just motoring along on the boat. With the fog all around, it's easy to just forget where we are or even that we're moving. We're just being. Being lazy, in my case. It was lovely.


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