Heading South past Cumberland Peninsula

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Sat 21 Aug 2010 21:40
67:31.534N 62:42.377W Saturday afternoon

Magnus got us underway again at first light - around 0330 - and soon cleared the ice. From then on, we haven't seen any pack-ice, just occasional bergs. There's been a big swell all day although we've only had 5 knots of wind so it's been a bit bouncy. Andrea, Magnus and I watched a big bunch of Pilot Whales for a while but they ignored us completely. Apart from that, we've seen hundreds of Little Auks. They can just about fly but look much like Penguins and are by far the most numerous bird up here. They look really funny when there's about 20 of them sitting together on an ice floe. When Saxon Blue approaches, they tear across the surface of the water with their wings spinning but don't actually get airborne.

It's been clear all day so we can see the coast of Canada on the starboard side. It's mountainous with some glaciers and a small icecap in the centre. We're going to continue around Cumberland Peninsula and into Cumberland Sound which puts us a good long way South. There are some interesting sites to explore in the Sound so we're intending to stay there for a few days once we arrive.


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