Crossing Cabot Straight to Nova Scotia

Saxon Blue's Blog
Harvey Jones and Andrea Stokes
Wed 8 Sep 2010 16:41
46:52.324N 60:07.314W Wednesday afternoon

We left Cox's Cove yesterday early afternoon, waving goodbye and sad to be going. From there, we motored out through the Bay of Islands and into the Esquiman Channel and then turned South towards Nova Scotia. The wind wasn't as light or the sea as calm as we'd hoped so it was pretty rolly for our watch. Andrea and I got to bed at 2000 and slept fitfully until 0400 for our next watch. It was dark for the first couple of hours which is always a bit unnerving but it was lovely to look up at the stars and then watch the sun come up over Newfoundland.

We soon passed the southwestern tip of Newfoundland and saw a couple of large cargo ships heading into the St Lawrence river and on towards Montreal. It's supposed to be a good area for whales but the sea was too rough to see anything. By the end of our watch, I was struggling to keep my eyes open and went straight back to bed again at 0800 for another 4 hours kip.

We've just got up again to find that we've crossed the Cabot Straight and we're now looking out at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia off to starboard. The weather is dreary with grey clouds so it all looks a bit like Scotland. Hopefully, we'll get anchored up just as it gets dark and we can get a good night's sleep.


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