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Date: 09 Sep 2010 16:28:00
Title: Among the islands of Nova Scotia

45:41.883N 60:48.070W Thursday noon

We're wiggling our way through an archipelago in the middle of Nova Scotia. The water in the lakes around us is almost fresh and there doesn't seem to be any tide so the trees grow right down to the water's edge. We've just passed McNab's Island and have Joe Sampson's Island ahead. I don't know if Joe is there right now but I suppose he was until recently. It's like being in an episode of The Waltons.

We had a bridge raise for us earlier so that we could pass underneath and the bridge keepers called Kali "Maam" on the VHF. She's finally getting the respect she deserves. We've got a lock to pass through later although we're puzzled as to how you can have a lock on one end of a canal and not on the other...

Just had to go up to the cockpit to look at an Eagle pass by. It's getting too scenic.


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