Almost at Nuku'alofa

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Tue 19 May 2009 23:56
21:30.46 S
175:58.44 W

This is the first time that we have to keep a lookout for volcanic activity while on watch. We are approaching Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga. The Tongan Kingdom has recently expanded after some eruptions and the new island is not all that far away although too far to see. But you never know what's around the corner so we are keeping our eyes peeled for... what can you look out for exactly?

Not only the Tongan people are quite big, but also their flying fish. We found a record-size one on deck this morning. Is it in the air here or something?

Only 50 miles to go and we have to have the engine on in order to make it in before dusk. The winds are just too light to get us there in time and we are looking forward to a good night's sleep. Wait a minute - didn't we rest up while at Minerva Reef? Well that last night there was as bumpy as being at sea and being on a lee shore is not encouraging for a nice, restless sleep. And the rest of the trip has been so bumpy, that our bodies must be worn out from the relentless motion and trying to balance. Once we have cleared in we can sail to Vava'u in day hops, no more overnights for a while.

It definitely different here if you compare tropical Tonga with autumny New Zealand. We can't wait to hear the first humpback do it's whale song because that means we are in the water!

Cheers from
Geoff & Merel