Confessions from the Squid Squad

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Mon 30 Jun 2008 04:48
03:09.61S 95:31.02W

We ate them. We just ate them. Not the 2 that we rescued and threw back in the sea, but the others. As soon as it got to daylight Geoff went on his rounds on deck. That's where he found them. At least 20 of them. All dead squid, which had collided with Miss Molly during the night. So Geoff got himself a quart size ziplock and started gathering. Put the bag in the fridge for Merel to wake up to. But Merel was only up to dealing with them by the time we got to appetizers. She saved the legs, got rid of the nasty parts (big eyes) and got the ligaments out of the hood, rinsed the lot, cut it all in little strips and pan fried them in olive oil and garlic. They turned to a lovely purple red colour once fried. And there we were, enjoying a true Mediterranean tapa made from a Pacific treasure! We decided that this would also make a great pasta dish, but for that we have to gather a new deck load.

Our first 24 hours out here were fast - 217 miles! Thank you current, for making this new personal record possible. But now the winds have subsided so we are a lot slower today, although there is still about 1.5 kts of current running with us. It is very comfortable out here at the moment, but we could do with some more wind. 10 knots just makes the sails slat a bit more than we like them to. And Molly has it in her, she likes to stretch her legs! Plus we think we might catch more squid when we sail faster. So much for the noble aspirations of the Squid Squad.

Love & good food for all of you,

Geoff & Merel