The final countdown

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Thu 6 Nov 2008 21:42
33:39.47S 174:26.21E

Now we know how it works. If you want the weather to change, you just send in your blog text and soon afterwards conditions will change. Yesterday it happened again! Not for the worse, but for the better. The winds started to settle in from the WNW which gave us a nice forward reach and an average of 7.5 kts with the option of bearing down a few compass points if the wind would back. And the latest forecast is that it will stay more or less that way. We now have Westerlies and have come down some degrees on our course. Miss Molly likes the course better too, and she is not shipping as much water as the seas have become more regular. And the sun is out, which always makes life more pleasant.

The days of wearing swimming gear are now far behind us. It is thermals and fleeces, layer over layer, topped off with foul weather gear. Not to mention hats. Wearing all this, we are as snug as a couple of bugs in a rug, eating our pre cooked winterfood.

We just saw a little landbird flying circles around the boat. Hope it found a spot to rest and fetch a ride with us for the rest of the way in, otherwise it will have a long flight ahead for its little wings.

We now have less than 100 miles to go and should be at a chosen anchorage (Oke Bay - sounds allright, doesn't it?) shortly after midnight. As soon as daylight hits we will have to heave the anchor to clear in with customs, etc., so we cannot sleep in on our first night on the hook. You bet we will the next day though!

Cheers from the near land lubbers,

Geoff & Merel

PS: Sent in the wrong coordinates on the previous blog entry, it should have been 175:54.89E and not W!! So used to being in the Western hemisphere for more than 10 months!! Must have looked if we sailed the wrong way.