Mid-Ocean Lighthouse

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Mon 7 Jul 2008 23:10
05:22.62S 120:14.24W

It's always boring to read about "the one that got away" so we'll
spare you the details on that clever dorado.

Since we are moving West we have already had to adjust the time twice with
one hour back. Always messes us up - was that SSB radio sched an hour earlier or
later? And not all the clocks on board have been adjusted yet, which we
don't always realise in time. Just to add to the confusion.

When the moon was up it was almost dead ahead of us. With the rolling of the
boat the moonlight managed to squeeze through the slot in the sails, beaming
from left to right and back again, straight into the cockpit. It was like
approaching a lighthouse - only this one is definitely out of reach.

Less than 1,200 miles to go, now we can compare the remainder of the trip to
previous passages. For instance just slightly more than from the BVI's to Panama.
Or the one from Panama to the Galapagos. In general the
seas are a lot smoother out here than they were on both those trips and
there is less traffic to worry about. A bit like a deserted highway.
Are we getting loopy with our silly comparisons? We better
leave it at this for today then!

Greetings from Geoff & Merel