Back in the Eastern Hemisphere

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Wed 7 Oct 2009 04:59
27:10.05 S
178:42.82 E

Hello all,

Due to the fact that Tonga has decided to put her actual time on the other, more Western side of the dateline, we have been living on NZ time for a few months already. But it was not until last night that we officially sailed across the dateline and therewith back into the Eastern Hemisphere. Not that it feels any different, it just happened. Not as spectacular as crossing the Equator, when Neptune makes his appearance.

The winds in the past 24 hours can best be described as a mixed bag, with only the lumpy seas being the constant factor. From North to West to South-Southeast. And that is what we are currently experiencing. We are therefore making more Westing than the rhumbline would like us to do, but we will make our Southing/resume the rhumbline again as soon as the forecasted Northerlies kick in. Also according to the forecast this should be our last headwinds on this trip. Looking forward to the end of that, it's pretty rolly on board unless it's more pitchy than rolly and you get airborne below decks as soon as you get forward of the mast. Even when just doing the dishes.

We will report in again when it's less lumpy!

Currently 534 Nm to go to NZ.

Cheers from us,

Geoff, Merel & James