Scattered showers

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Mon 21 Jul 2008 14:04
11:40.35S 142:22.31W

Last time we said "only three more nights at sea", we were almost at the end
of a long trip and therefore worn out. This time it is just the beginning of
a trip, after a refreshing week's rest up in the Marquesas. How different
this trip is, though. First variable winds, which finally settled on an E -
ESE beam reach. Then the clouds which carried rain came in, up to a
frequency of one shower per hour last night. The wind has been blowing 30+
kts, but has now settled between 18 and 25. We've got the staysail and
reduced mainsail up and are still doing about 8 kts. So progress is good.

Too wavy to be fishing - we will leave that for calmer days. Miss Molly does
not seem to mind the waves, she just ploughs on. Heard on the SSB net this
morning that somebody actually knows a cat called Miss Molly. That tells you
how much news there is out here!

Cheers from
Geoff & Merel