On the nose

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Wed 5 Nov 2008 21:10
30:54.65S 175:54.89E

One moment you're having a great sail and before you know it you have a
squall with a windshift and the wind is on the nose. That happened yesterday
afternoon. We were sailing along like a rocket until we came across that
very rainy squall in which we reduced sail to nothing. Luckily the whole
affair, including thunder and lightning took no more than 20 minutes. The
after effects were that we've been motoring ever since with the wind on the
nose. Result: we probably won't make it in on Friday.

The forecast is not hopeful either, apparently those winds on the nose (SW)
will get up to 25 kts. Not so great. We've had enough of being tossed around
on the boat. And poor Miss Molly, she faithfully keeps pounding into these
waves with lots of green water on deck. The water even managed to get into
the fuel, which now sends the engine alarm off at regular times and Geoff
has to bleed the fuel filters. Lovely, the smell of diesel combined with a
rocking and rolling motion, the perfect recipe for seasickness.

The only thing we can do is counting down. 270 miles to go.

Great to hear America has made a historical vote for Obama. At least a nice
fresh wind will be blowing somewhere. Let's hope it will not turn out to be
on the nose.

Cheers from
Geoff & Merel