Party Time!

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Thu 3 Jul 2008 21:50
04:14.52S 107:00.92W

We were able to sail goose winged on the Easterly winds all through till the
afternoon. Great! Then the wind backed to the Southeast so that we had to
take the pole down to continue on a broad reach. Not bad either, still doing
7 - 8 kts. For the third morning in a row Geoff caught a dorado which was in
the freezer by the time Merel got up - this seems to be turning into a clockwork routine! And to top it all off, our trip log
showed us that on our 5th day out here we had sailed the first 1,000 of the
just over 3,000 miles. No reason not to throw a party! We had invited the
other boats we know on this track to party with us, but understandably,
since all of them are at least days, if not weeks ahead of us, none of them
showed up (duh) and was it just the two of us. Cockpit speakers filled with
Salsa music, some special nibbles for the occasion and a beer to celebrate.
We even had a little dance, of which Geoff said: "A great way to do your 360
degrees lookouts around the boat".

Again the winds have moderated, so we were not surprised to find our first
day of less than 200 miles, with "only" 184 done. At least we're not
motoring, so no complaints here. Of course we had to try a taste of the
latest dorado for dinner - grilled this time (no, not on the BBQ - not out
here!!). Nice fish, but we both prefer it breaded and/or pan-fried.

Today's confession on the food front. Merel made a batch of yoghurt, which
turned out to be a case of "operation successful, but the patient died". It
looked like a beautiful, lump-free batch that had set to a nice thickness.
But when it came to tasting it after it had cooled down in the fridge the
resemblance to wallpaper glue was overwhelming. It must have taken too long
before she transferred the set yoghurt to the fridge. We'll keep you posted
on future yoghurt trials.

Geoff & Merel