Under way again

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Tue 19 May 2009 06:56
22:53.27 S
177:55.10 W

We were very pleased when the wind died down yesterday afternoon. But that only lasted 5 minutes because then it started with a 45 kts squall and the rest of the evening blowing 35 kts from the SE. This meant we were on a lee shore in our anchorage, with quite a fetch in front of us. So it was almost like being at sea. We kept anchor watch until around midnight, to see if we would not drag into the coral reef. Then we were happy enough with our anchor and tried to get some sleep.

The winds had eased to 20 - 25 kts in the morning so we hesitantly decided to get underway again. Or should we stay another night for the seas to settle a bit? No, let's go. So here we are, with 65 miles in the pocket and about 185 to go. The word pounding comes to mind when you see the sea conditions, but the progress is ok and we just want to get there. So that is what we are doing.

Cheers for now,
Geoff & Merel