Dorado and dolphins in the doldrums

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Thu 3 Jul 2008 07:42
04:16.19S 105:08.97W
What a calm day. So calm that Geoff got bored enough to make us some nice
sticky cinnamon raisin buns.

Another dorado fell for our strawberry-and-cream lure today and landed that
same evening in Geoff's Thai fish soup. It's all about food with us, isn't
it? We're not getting any trimmer here!

The food focus is probably making up for the fact that we can't go to the
movies here. Although we do have a huge selection of DVD's on board and are
usually awake enough in the afternoons to have a matinee. That makes our
world perspective at the moment a bit broader.

In the wake of motoring Miss Molly there was a small group of dolphins,
about 4 boat lengths behind us. They were truly frolicking around, leaping
out of the water and making crazy splashing salto's. Not as stylish or
elegant as you would see in Seaquarium, but they were having fun out there!

To make up for the lack of wind we got treated to such a beautiful sunset
that we had to take pictures of it.

Finally, in the evening, we got some wind and were able to sail wing on
wing. Lovely to hear the water bubbling against the hull instead of the
continuous drone of the engine, which we had on for nearly 48 hours. Between
the clouds it's a starry night and because there has not been much wind lately, the seas are
nice and flat.

This is what it's all about! We're enjoying it!

Geoff & Merel

PS Its now morning and a most spectacular sun rise, sailing along wing & wing with 20knots from the ESE