Breaking News??

Miss Molly 4
Bob & Peggy Wilkerson/Geoff & Merel Pettifer
Sat 5 Jul 2008 22:54
04:45.87S 113:12.53W

Embarrassing, really, how you are out of touch with the world events when
you're sailing. Although this news is already weeks old, we only found out 2
days ago that Hillary Clinton had lost the Primaries. What a surprise to
find out Mid-Ocean! If it wasn't for the old Economist and Newsweek
magazines left on board, we would probably not have known until after the
November elections!

So we've found a new interest: getting ourselves back in touch with the
world in one of the most remote spots of that same world. We're learning
popular new terms like Cap & Trade, do now realise that Kofi Annan has been
followed up (oops!) and learn about the impact of the Myanmar disaster. The
good thing about those magazines compared to TV is that it comes in bite
size, well-structured articles which you can take in at leisure. After all,
it doesn't really matter if we learn about this world news some more days
later than late. As long as we're back to a proper educated level when we
reach society again. And it's such an enriching experience to read it out
here, where there is hardly any outside input at all!

Reaching society will be at least another week away, if not more. We are
making great progress with the help of the current, did 201 miles in the
last 24 hours (yee-hah!). Merel was cooking at 10 kts today! That's what you
call Fast Food! We should be reaching our half way point tomorrow. After
that we start counting down the miles to go.

Greetings from your well-informed sailors,
Geoff & Merel