26 to 28 March Leaving tomorrow

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Thu 28 Mar 2013 17:14

Tuesday 26

I found out there was a bus, one an hour, so I went out and waited.  It was only a minibus and it went down to the other marina and then all over the residential areas.  The houses are numbered 261, nothing unusual about that, but they are 261A, 261B, all the way to 261Z before moving to 262.  This makes you realize that there are more people living on this island than you imagine. 

I got new copies of the immigration paperwork and arranged for the dinghy to be towed back.

I went straight back for the bus and I had made a note of the sign in the window.  The same minivan now had a completely different sign.  The driver was not going to turn down to the marina, but I said I wanted to get off there.  This morning it had only came down because the person working in the bar lunchtime had to get off here.  Not much of a bus service that only goes where people are getting off, what if you are waiting to get on? 

Jeni came and looked at the engine and the engine mount bracket that had been welded in the Rio had sheared at another point.  I will bring a new bracket back and have the engine re-aligned and hope I do not have to haul to deal with the fitting on the outside. 

Wednesday 27

I took the outboard to the boatyard to put it in a tub of water, rather than my bucket, but it wasn’t much different as it wasn’t a lot deeper.  The fuel was run through and I took it back, sprayed WD40 on it and put the cover on and it is back on the railing.  Just about everything is done ready to leave the boat.  I had cleaned the boat down, but it is immediately covered in black dust, which must be from the electricity plant.  They burn oil to make electricity and then use the heat to turn seawater into good quality water.

Thursday 28

I cleaned the ceilings with vinegar and bicarb (except the back cabin that is too full of stuff) and cleaned out the bilges.  I spent a long time redoing the ropes, which was difficult on my own and without a dinghy, but I am pleased with them.  The marina will keep an eye on the boat for me.

I went to the office and paid to the end of June. 

Lunchtime Sanders arrived with my dinghy.  All I have to do now is cover the solar panel when it stops taking in power.  I am taking the dinghy down to the boatyard while I am away.

I am ready to go, off to the airport in the morning, so this is the final blog until my return.