17:21.630N 88:11.253W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 16 Jan 2013 19:22

Wednesday 16

I left at 6.15 to get to the better protected Cays for a Norther.  I got into Robinson Point Cays and anchored by 10.15.  Sailed all the way except for the anchoring parts.  It was a shame I could not get any further, but this is near the Big Ship Channel where we shall b e going out.  Homers’ Odyssey has too much draft to get much further behind the reef and it is tight even for me, which is why we checked out where we did.

The anchorage is deep, 35-40’ behind mangroves.  The only boat in here left as I approached. 

I managed to put the hydrovane rudder on, but I cannot find my rope and step ladder.  I have looked everywhere for it several times, either it has been stolen or I obviously haven’t looked properly.

The water is clear and it is calm and hot.  I will have to put the back shade away to use the hydrovane, I will miss that, but hopefully I won’t have to sit there and steer, which should make it ok.

The chartplotter arm has held up well and is in a good position.

Now we wait for weather to go North.  I can hear the Belize City Port Authority weather forecast at 6am and pm, which is convenient.