27:27.844N 17:37.386W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Fri 17 Nov 2006 12:09
Subject: 27:27.844N 17:37.386W

Left La Gomera 16.15pm, 25 knot winds, 7.1SOG.  Then it all went floppy and spent about 3 hours going nowhere while the fickle wind kept changing.
Rotten night, but I will hope it will get better as I remember what it is like being on the high seas instead of Canary hopping, which can be bad enough.
Must conserve battery as radar went off at 5am.  Evidently you can t run fridge, navigation lights, GPS, chart plotter/radar/GPS and autopilot if you are only doing 2 knots.
I will try to plot noon position on website and arrange a time to keep the sat phone on to pick up e mails.  Any ideas on a good time - 9pm?
Don t need weather update until I get to Cape Verdes.  Still don t know if I am stopping or going straight. 
Can you let me know if this position update gets to the web diary, please.