17:08.247N 88:05.221W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 16 Jan 2013 19:20

Tuesday 15

We were due to leave and I didn’t want to go.  The weather forecast was 10-12 E, which was fine, but there is a big Norther coming in and we are going to have to hole up somewhere and I couldn’t see the point of moving from the safety of the lagoon/marina for the sake of making one day progress.  I gave in and left.  There was a 20 knot squall before I had even got round the first point.  The wind was in the upper teens all day and the direction was great for our route.  The boat speed was up to 5 knots and the current again helped to make it 6.  14.30 arrived Colston Cays.  175’ of chain, plus snubber and wrapped round a cleat. 

I got up to date with all the logs since leaving the haulout.  Mileage, engine hours, battery checks, watermaker runs and fuel.  I put 20 litres into tank 2 to top it up, it probably needed 25, but I have 50 engine hours, mostly the 3 trips Rio to Tres Puntas.  I tried to put the hydrovane rudder on, but the current was too strong, so in the end I abandoned it and made a bread pudding instead.  There was another squall before dark, but hopefully it has settled down now.