19:24.425N 87:28.386W Mexico

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Tue 22 Jan 2013 23:51

Tuesday 22

I tacked for 12 hours to get to the top of the Chinchorro Bank, so it was midnight before I was close to the anchorage.

I had not seen or spoken to a soul all day and now I had 3 cruise liners to dodge.  Tacking was not a good idea, the wind suddenly went light and variable, I think the big ships scared it.  I turned on the engine and got out of the way of them all. 

I left the engine on until 0330 when the autopilot stopped, looks as though the motor still overheats when it is steering for too long or in difficult conditions.  I feel the same, but that’s why I got the autopilot.  I might try slackening off the belt tomorrow.  I reverted to the windvane and tacked East for 15 miles in an effort to get round the point.

0700 starboard tack, out 16 miles, I should be able to get past the next two bays, but they are the only chance I have of anchoring.  I got to outside the huge bay by 1300 and turned the engine on.  This was way too early I had miles to go.  The reef was not visible, so I motored through what I hoped was the gap at the angle given in the book.  I then went miles inside the invisible reef and anchored at 1600, seemingly in the middle of the sea, although it is only 15’ deep. Bahia del Espiritu Santo, Mexico!!

I ran the watermaker for a short time, because it likes to be run to stop the membrane growing bacteria. 

I checked on all the things that had come unstuck in the swell and heeling.  Mostly this was extra tie downs and putting things back together.  The only thing that had broken was a coaster.

I tidied up and had something to eat and then it is bed by 1800, 60 hours since I got up Sunday morning.