15:46.055N 88:49.603W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sun 6 Jan 2013 14:01
Saturday 5 January
Took the dinghy apart and tied it down, half over the forepeak hatch and the main body on the foredeck behind the anchor well.
I set off at 10 for Texan Bay and anchored at 1pm.  Homers Odyssey were not far behind me.
I really should scrub the mesh cockpit side curtains before I leave fresh water.  It would have been a good idea to do this before I left the marina.
I haven't tried the water maker yet, it has been pickles since Aprilbecause so far it hasn't stopped raining long enough to worry about, but being tied up on a dock gives you a false sense of how much water you actually use.
We are checking out for Belize in the morning and should be heading over the bar to Tres Puntas tomorrow afternoon.
Two boats headed for Mexico had a good weather forecast, but I have just heard they had a horrid trip.
So if the weather is bad we will move down the peninsula to a more protected anchorage until the weather improves.
We are only going to Belize and intend to do that in two day hops.