W/E 19 August 2012

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Mon 20 Aug 2012 01:20
Time to start the big clean up.  I cleaned and tidied the forecabin and put my new clothes away.  It’s not that I have too many clothes, but my cupboards are too small.
I filled the water tank and did the washing then started the saloon.  The port side had taken a lot of water damage, the shelves and the lockers below.  I emptied the lockers to let them dry out.
I had gallons of water in the bilges and emptied this and cleaned the bilges and the floor panels.
The engine bilge is self contained but that was full of water, too.  I don’t know if it leaked in there or overflowed into there.
On o familiar note my oil leak is alive and well.  Not too much in the container underneath, but have to see how bad it gets when I start the engine and the oil gets hot.
My newer computer which has been fine in the UK decided to wait until I got back here before it wasn’t going to turn on.
Too tired to go to the pool so it was just an early night.
I cleaned and tidied the starboard side of the saloon and this was much easier.  It was lucky that the water had not come in this side because of all the electrics here.
I did get to the pool, but there are hardly any boat people here.
I closed up the saloon and put the dehumidifier on for a few hours to dry out the lockers and the wood.
I am leaving the back cabin for now as it is full and I am trying to arrange a haul out.
I am also leaving the bathroom as I can use the marina bathrooms for now and will have to use the shore facilities when I haul out.
The bathroom has the diesel cans and the scruffy clothes and rags that I can use in the yard.
Jimmy took me to town in his dinghy, we went to lots of places and I am trying to put the town together with what is where.
I forgot how scary dinghies can be.
I put the new oarlocks on the dinghy and put it together and launched.  Oars not on pins are so much more difficult.
I scrubbed the deck and it looks much better now.
Friday night there was a microburst which was not forecast and unpleasant.  Lenny is the only other sailor on this side and he and the guys came and checked the boats and I adjusted the ropes and put another two on the bow.  It was over by just after 10 and all the boats seem ok. but with some ripped tarps.
I rowed over to Marios because there are more people over there.  I came back with Luis who gave me a quote for a new sprayhood/dodger.
I went in on the 930 launch which went to Backpackers first, I stayed on and went to town, only to find that Mar Marine was over the other side. 
I walked over the long bridge and came back with Jimmy and Willie.
I had taken the drawers out of the Ikea unit and secured the sewing machine in the space. 
My lifebuoy horseshoe was wrecked so I cut it up and put it inside the polystyrene sewing machine case and put the whole thing in a thick plastic bag.  I am not sure if it will be any good, but I am going to try to make extra buoyancy in the dinghy with it, otherwise it is 2 more pieces of rubbish out of the  way. 
I have thrown away quite a lot and given away a lot more.  I leave the stuff by the bins and it disappears.  I also took some over to Marios for their magic shelf as it was more boaty stuff and most of that disappeared before I left yesterday.
Hard work, but a rewarding week.