February 2012 Blog - very short, no photos

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 29 Feb 2012 22:45

February 2012

Girls day shopping at the cruise ship terminal – I bought 4 T-shirts and a mug.

Dinghy - forget the hole – let’s make it in 2 halves and bolt it together.

Spotted ray next to the dinghy in clear water.

I went snorkelling with Rose, who spotted a conger eel and a nurse shark under the rocks.

Took the sprayhood off – I’ll mend it myself.

23rd - first dive in over 3 years and only 2nd one since PADI – not impressed and not keen to go again.

25th – Jami took me on another dive, went to plane and boat wrecks. Better, but do I really want to do this.

Sprayhood repaired as good as I was going to, now at least I have 3 windows I can see out of.  Put it back on, really pleased I can now do this, used to be very difficult, before I put extra supports – even if they are broom handles covered in white duck tape. 

29th – Greg (Insatiable 1) took me diving.  Not enough weights, but otherwise much better.  He tried to get me to swim through the boat wreck, no way!