11 Jan Late edition

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sun 11 Jan 2009 19:36

I had plans this morning that just went nowhere and in the process got me a bit worked up, but I accepted the situation and sat down for a non-eventful day.

At Noon all that changed as well.  The boat which was well in front of me dragged.  I heard John on the radio, but he and I seemed to be the only people with the vhf on, I think that is the norm here.

It was blowing over 25 knots and he has no engine for his dinghy, but he set off to tell them.  Meanwhile I managed to get them aware with the horn, John spoke to them and went back to his boat.  Then they needed help, we were within shouting distance now, but I could not get the dinghy off the deck, so I got John on the radio and again he set off.

I did try a general announcement to get another dinghy with big motor to help, but all I did manage was to slip down the steps in my haste and rick my ankle.

They had had two anchors out since Jan 1 and one was a Fortress; their throttle cable has broken and they had disabled the steering.  This means using the emergency tiller up top and adjusting the throttle cable down at the engine.  They re-anchored with John’s help and their dinghy, but we would all prefer them to be a little further away.  They say they will move as soon as the wind dies down a bit, but they will be staying on the boat for the afternoon. 

It is a tough day even in a dinghy with a big motor, so I am going nowhere.  John can sail his dinghy and set off with his fishing rod.  I am convinced that he will be back with a fish for his tea.

I did succeed in taking a few photos with the camera and downloading them to the computer.  The ones I had taken underwater were not good.  Here we are just off the flight path and the photos are of the planes approaching and then passing, below the top of the masts.  Also I have some of the cruise liner being pushed into place by the tug, to get the stern in.  There are two ships on the dock today, perhaps the first one should have just been asked to move up a bit.

I made water for an hour this morning and the batteries are nearly back up to full, I could turn the wind generator off, but perhaps I should make more water.

Here’s hoping for a restful afternoon.