21:38.559N 81:56.553W Cayo Rosario

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Thu 14 Feb 2013 18:43

Wednesday 13

We had a choice of the Southern route round the island, but this can be rough, the winds are against us and there is no protection.  So we chose the Northern route, which was longer, but gave us options.  At the top of the island there is a long chain of cayos and we had to get through to the other side.  We got to the Manteca Pass at 5am.  We anchored until 7 so that we could go through in daylight.  We had a family of dolphins to say good morning to.

It is only 35 miles to the next anchorage. Only! We tried to sail, but the wind was light and the current strong and we went way off course; at noon I gave up and motored, and Kodo soon did the same, but they were 5 miles ahead of me by then. The wind was supposed to have moderated today, huh, 15 to 20, not what I call moderating from 15-20 yesterday.

This is like an inland sea, very shallow under 25 feet, but very large and the waves and currents are strong.

I had to sail when the wind was strong, it was not worth motoring at 1.5 knots. Just before sunset I hooked a fish, it would have been my biggest ever by far, but it got away just at the end.

I could have done without another long night, but there is no choice now. Is now a good time to ask if anyone wants to come sailing?

Kodo got to the anchorage at about 9pm. I had got caught in a current and wind situation that, tack as I might, I was only making 1nm an hour in the right direction. At about 10 miles out suddenly everything calmed down and I was able to motor sail directly to my goal.

Thursday 14

I anchored at 2.45am, somewhat tired. Cayo Tablones, mangroves and shallow water.

We left before 8 and got to Cayo Rosario by 1.30pm. Again the wind has not moderated and we are trying to get to Cayo Largo before the higher winds that have been forecast.

It is 25 miles to Cayo Largo and it will depend on the wind strength whether we leave here before dark and get through the pass or wait until the morning.