Anchoring in a beautiful bay is not always the freedom and pleasure you expect!

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Thu 5 Apr 2012 13:17
I thought I could edit the text of the blog, but it looks like only the header details.  Sojourn have good SSB radio and so I have copied this from Rose’s Facebook as it says it all.
Ah the life of sailors! Convection in the air, mainland Honduras created exposed west 25-30 winds/squalls in SW Cays Utila anchorage for 4 hours till 4am and back again now for round 2. Rolly/Polly seas across the reef. This season we have been tested abunch! Love our anchor!
I guess we had it easy last (Tuesday) night! All three events at different spots.... Sailboat underway had +40 knot winds/squalls, another boats anchor dragged and wrapped his line around his prop which ended up in 1' of water, anothers mooring line broke in the middle of the night and had to anchor in wind and 6' waves. Yikes!! I just lost a bit of sleep.
Wednesday – It took half the day to settle down and then I launched the dinghy and tried the outboard that Terry had lent me.  I took the motor off and cleaned the fuel tank and the carburettor.  It goes for a few seconds and then stops.  I took the cover off and changed the fuel line to a transparent one, so we could see as it really seems like fuel starvation.  There is an air bubble in the pipe, but it is as though the starter puts some fuel in, but it does not pump any more after that. 
At 5pm we gave up on the outboard and as the water had cleared I was able to check my anchor.  Now it was well set for winds from the West, but I was hoping there wouldn’t be any more.
Thursday – well last night was not as bad as Tuesday, but it was still very unpleasant.  The forecasts show West, but not more than 10 knots – never trust a forecast!
Now the forecaster is saying that this will continue for another few days and we have all had enough.  If there is a lull later then we may have to go back to East Bay for some protection, there sure isn’t any here – even if that means checking back in and out again.