16-30 september 2012 - still in the

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sun 30 Sep 2012 16:02
sunday 16
Went to swapmeet, wanted to sell over-size tools.  Sold nothing,  bought 2 huge pomelos Q10.
Then went to marios for lunch and dominos and left small items on their magic shelf.
Monday 17
Luis sent his assistant with the cockpit cover, the side panels were moved forward a few inches to stop the rain coming in through the gap. The shade makes such a difference I don't know how is have managed without. I ran the cable for the log and am finished go the front cabin.
Lenny and Sandra came and we went for an early lunch and then an ice cream.
I am still sewing covers for berth cushions.  A storm finished today,  but caught lots of rain with my cockpit cover.
Tuesday 18
Chased up the marina as nothing has moved on for days,  finished back cabin including cushions ready for shaft and rudder to be put back.
Wednesday 19
Need to pull the windvane up. Hard to move but not impossible as I managed to drop it 1.5. Asked Henry, who knows he is 2 weeks late on my shaft, if I could borrow darwin. I was at the top,  but only to show him what to do,  he has longet arms - who doesn't. It came up to where I wanted it , but still hits the arch.  I will pad it but might need to buy a stubby vane which makes sense reasonable priced arch an expensive arch,  but hopefully well worth it.
Something off the list.
I was told the log should work as stand alone.  Not true,  i tried attaching it to the chart plotter but it did not power up and without sea talk it needed wiring in to the electrics.  It works,  but I haven't mounted it anywhere yet.
I keep waiting for luis to come with the next installment of my shade.
I have booked a water taxi for dinner and a movie anyway.
Thursday 20
Scraping the hull started and stopped quickly.  Time for email  to office nearly 3 weeks. Included the boss in the US and waited.
There are 2 bolts holding the platform with the seat at the ttansom. These were rusty so best to replace them. Many hours later I had cut one with a hacksaw and managed to get the other one out easier.  There was still a lot of bolt and nut left,  but the bolt heads were bad . Replaced with beautiful bolts. I knew it could do these things I just hoped the yard would - is that not the point of hauling in central america where labour is affordable?
Reply to email from boss. Henry came to make the new support plate for the hydrovane - too late, I did all that.
He is going to do the shaft tube tomorrow.
Decided to make some cheese straws to celebrate.
Dennis came to look at the shaft tube and said to use the rubber cutlass bearing not the brass one and not need to repair the tube.
Also gave him the rudder quadrant to make the pin - sounds like i could have done it with a bolt,  but we shall see.  Got back in time to take the straws out which i had forgotten in the excitement.  Not exactly flaky,  but edible.
Finished sewing the big triangular cushion and I will be spending tonight back in the fore cabin.
Friday 21
Went through the work order with Karen, pleasantly surprised with the costs so far.  Only 1 pump kit on order.  Richard is getting one to him (another $250 plus overnight freight ($?) And he will bring it on monday. I hope it is worth it, but it is such a pig to fit I hope i just keep it as a spare.
4 guys scraping the hull with 1" scrapers.  One was standing on my rudder.  I had told him to get off before.  The ground is soft but I will have it checked for cracks.
Too many sharp implements for me to hang around these guys,  not to mention the noise.
I went over to marios had a game of cards, came back and went to tortugal for movie.
Saturday 22
5 guys now scraping and sanding the hull.  I moved the tools, spares,  food, sewing, etc. Trying to balance the weight and made better use of the largest storage space with light things on top.  The boat is getting tidier which makes me feel much better.  Did the washing, before the boss arrives.
The bathroom is being decorated so I had to use the workers facility.
Walked to this side of the bridge.  Popped in on luis and spoke to his wife, he had allergic reaction last week and has been in hospital in the city.
Went into the mini market, asked for 4 eggs and got a marriage proposal. Put him on the list with the Egyptian.
Sunday 23
Down  to 2 guys to hand sand it.  I have an 18" square piece of wood on the ttansom to sand with a machine and I didn't last 5united I'm the heat. More important that it is protected than it is pretty, but is is very forgiving paint,  looks good. Was going to paint my ladder which is 3 aluminium rungs which are white powder coated which was coming off.  Decided to scrape off the coating, sand and leave - it's aluminium. That just left and folding chair which had rust on.  A quick slosh of anti corrosion paint and that was my painting finished.  Cleaned up and went to marios for lunch and dominos.get back to see beautiful white hull. That was ok until Henry showed me the blisters. Only on port side back half,  but upsetting in such a young boat.  Martin in barbados sent lots of info and I went to bed am unhappy bunny.
Monday 24
Lots of advice,  but what to do. I cut a bubble, smelled it kicked it.  Took a few moisture meter readings,  ground down and few bubbles.  They seemed flat yesterday, more raised today.  Once ground back they did not have moisture leaking out,  which was encouraging. They lifted tje boat to sandblast the keel.  I went out and spent the afternoon wandering the site. The keel has been painted, a lot of the blisters have been ground out and they even did the rudder repairs - cracks at top and scrapes at bottom.
The boat was back on the ground at 4 - covered in grey dust.  If I had realised I would have put the door in.
The man is grinding away at more blisters. I had to wait until the grinding  was finished - water and electrics don't mix well I have found. Then I had to get along hose and wash the decks and my lovely new canvas.  Of course as soon as it got dark it poured with rain and I didn't catch any.
Tuesday 25
Had to make sure they finished the grinding, including moving the stands again. The man was here bright and early and it didn't take long. To my surprise and some consternation he then filled the holes.  I thought we had to wait to dry out.  However as there is no liquid seeping out I am not too worried.  We couldn't work out how are boat this young had got osmosis,  but it looks more like a bad batch of gelcoat.  There are about 500 spots but all on the port back half,  too localised for a major problem.
I put the ladder back together and did the washing. I am trying to get rid of stuff.  I give away what is useful and I have two piles on the grass.  Pile 1 is probable rubbish and pile 2 is stuff I don't really need.  Every few days I move it around.  Some from pile 1 goes to the bin, some goes to pile 2. Some from pile 2 goes to pile 1 and some goes to the boat swap section, and yes some goes back on the boat,  but overall I am winning.
I then went shopping, but try as i did u cannot find this town at all inspiring.
There are a lot of cattle trucks and these need to be avoided as they can drip or squirt nasty stuff and the road is narrow.
Managed to occupy myself for the afternoon without anything to show for it - i did buy a fuel pre-filter for $45, that took a bit of talking me into.
Wednesday 26
Very quiet in the yard today nearly everybody has the day off.  I was going to take the windvane vane to catamaran as les is not coming back for 5 months so I was going to get Christian to cut it down for me. He is not there until sunday and now I don't know whether to it not.  I could just get out there and see how well it works as it is.
I noticed that there was diesel in the 2nd fuel tank bilge. I sucked it out and it was dirty, but that didn't mean it was old fuel as that bilge is not one of can clean.  I checked and couldn't see anywhere it had come from in there.  The engine bilge had some in too.  I emptied the cockpit locker and checked tank 1, which also seemed fine.  I am going with the idea that it was from the old leak and the lifting has made it run from somewhere where it had been hiding. If I get any more agro from fuel tanks I shall have it/them ripped out and I will replace them with jerry cans - I think I am serious this time.
Anchor 4 is one that folds out for rocks etc,  that is now in the swap pile.  Anchors are so good idea,  but heavy and you do have to be able to deploy them.  This also goes for the sea anchor which had been on the list for going many times.  What has saved it is that it is such a lot of material and string seems a shame to give it away cheap.  Only noon and I have had more than enough for today.  Dinner and a movie at 5.30, perhaps i should try to do something with my nails. I am scrubbing up a lot cleaner now all the really dirty jobs are done.
Thursday 27
Put my name on the list for raul and got my boat permit  for 1 year.  Normally I don't take the phone off the boat,  but I wasn't going near the water - I stopped it on the concrete and smashed the screen.  Got a lift to town on a motor bike, no helmet, and tried to get the phone repaired. If it was an iPhone they could,  but not this one.  I settled for a stick on screen saver; a bit late,  but it works.  The  games on it were getting a bit addictive but not any longer and I have to wear my glasses even to type this.
There is no electricity for most of the day,  just the generator,  so I won't have the filler sanded today. There is also no water so the deck won't be cleaned either.  The boss is still in transit from the US with my engine parts. So I made a chocolate cake.
Went to trivia and our team won, we only missed one question.
Friday 28
Luis was coming to do more of the canvas work, but I cancelled and went into morales with lynda the boss has finally arrived with my duplicate parts order, the original order should be here next week. I won't need it all,  but you learn to be grateful for what you do get here.
I spent the afternoon in his office, I still has issues with my cutlass bearing support. Dennis had said just use the rubber one for now and fix it next time,  but I wasn't happy. Richard called him back in and it is not a cheap fix and now he is busy.  He said it was good for 2-300 hours, the water on the propshaft tube is wearing the fibreglass away, and who knows where I ifht be.   I will be happier, but poorer,  if I wait and get it fixed properly.  And Richard has brought some chocolate from the US, not real chocolate, but better than central american stuff. The aircon in his office is a bit too cold for me , but he might have been a penguin in a previous life.
I have got quite usedto being here.
Saturday 29
Bought a tall plastic stool yesterday, $3. I cut the bottom of the legs off and slit the bar in the middle on each side.  I now have a central seat in the dinghy.
Waiting for luis so didn't start anything.  He didn't turn up or ring,  wastes afternoon.  Am getting a little peeved.
Sunday 30
Still waiting for luis and I want to go out today.  Will keep in mind that he has been ill,  but still peeved no phone call.
I cleaned and put back the connector for the shaft to the engine for lining up the new tube.  That is all the work order intend to do today.  Going to catamaran to ask Christian how much it would be to remodel my vane and then onto marios for dominos.