Week Ending Sunday 15 July 2007 Photo & mini update

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Mon 16 Jul 2007 13:27

Week Ending Sunday 15 July 2007 Photo & mini update


I had planned to put a photo on each entry, so this is the view from my back porch – does it make me feel safe?

I was probably too tired to say, but the boat does look very smart now it is polished and without the bottom stripe it looks bigger.  Saturday night there was a music event which bopped on until 3am.  It was rather like a reggae version of Glastonbury having pitched your tent right next to the speakers.  It was very loud and some yachties tried to complain to the police, but we are visitors and should remember that.  There was something very hypnotic about it and I am sure if you had the right substance it would have been quite amazing.


Sunday – I did clean off one tarpaulin and put it on deck to wrap up some of the contents of the aft cabin.  Dinghy, ropes and 8 fenders.  Someone said that if you had room to store all your fenders then you did not have enough fenders. 


The water taxi does not run on Sunday and I was considering not going to the Dominoes, one because of the hot walk, but mainly because there was an attack on the road last week outside the marina.  6.45pm The man was stabbed 5 times and in the hospital.  I did go and I won.  Bob is in the next yard and he accompanied me back – he had a bike, but he pedalled slowly.


A boat in the yard is always an unnatural situation.  The boat was tilting to one side, but is now definitely sloping down at the back.  I was going to put one coat of antifoul on and then get chocked up again so that I could paint the squares where the blocks are now.  9.32pm the boat shook and I got up and out.  Was my boat slipping, no, it was an earthquake.  5.0 on the Richter Scale and a truly horrible feeling.  I am going to ask the marina Monday morning to check the supports.