11:49.683N 66:57.025W Los Rocques

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Thu 23 Oct 2008 20:31
11:49.683N 66:57.025W Los Rocques
Wednesday 22 October At Sea
I set off at 7.30 and by 9 had caught a fish, but by the time I checked
the line half of it was missing. It would have been about 15” and so I
was glad that I had not caught whatever had eaten it.
At 11.30 I had another fish, not so big, but enough for lunch.
There was a heavy swell, just like in the Atlantic.
Thursday 23 October Los Rocques
5.30am I was 3 miles from the lighthouse and the anchorage after nearly 24
hours and Jimmy hailed me on the radio. He had been given 24 hours to
leave Los Rocques and was heading for Los Aves. I had to decide whether
to go in or stay with BWC and I chose to go on.
12.30 I anchored in Cayo de Agua and Jimmy joined me about an hour later.
I could just hear PJ and Passat who were just reaching the other end of
Los Rocques, but we would have to rejoin later.